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Advanced PLUS Facebook Masters Class 9/21/19 3pm
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Jared's Facebook Masters Class Advanced Plus
Special Guest Module: Jessica Sapp, Lead-Gen, Re-targeting and Ad-Sets
Saturday, September 21st 2019

*SPECIAL NOTE - Previous attendee in "Jared's Facebook Masters Class" required!*


Class maximum - 55 Attendees

Hilton Dallas / Rockwall Lakefront Hotel Amphitheater
2055 Summer Lee Dr, Rockwall, TX 75032

What to bring!
-Cell-Phone or Tablet
-Business Cards

Class Reviews! https://www.facebook.com/JaredsMastersClass/reviews

Class Environment

-The class will be presented lecture style via interactive presentation in a state of the art college style auditorium training room, as shown in the photo. Each attendee will have access to refreshments, ethernet connection, WIFI, power and a personal leather office chair. Every vantage point inside of the theater provides a personal and up-close view while the presentation is shown on multiple screens in the room. Alcohol is allowed. Interrupting is allowed. Shooting NERF guns is allowed.


Hi everyone! My name is Jared Guynes, and I am a self employed social media expert based in Rockwall Texas. Since 2007 I have been providing marketing, design and event services to small businesses around the nation and in that time have acquired an intimate understanding of how facebook works! This understanding has allowed me to harness facebook into a business machine for myself and my clients. In this class I will show you a condensed explanation of every major feature of facebook and how it pertains to your business there. Become a facebook master!


-New class version for Summer/Fall 2019
-NEW PLUS CONTENT: Ad Manager, Re-Targeting, Pixel & Lead Gen!
-In Depth Edgerank Discussion & Analysis w multiple real world examples.
-Facebook Edgerank Manipulation Techniques
-Contests/Giveaways/Free Promotion Ideas & Methods
-Wordsmithing, Post Construction & Timing
-Memes/Short Videos/Ripping Content
-In Depth Facebook Page Analytic Discussion
-How to monitor and beat your competition on facebook
-How to get “Blue Check” verified on facebook if you desire
-Facebook LIVE - Discussion & Analysis with Broadcaster Instruction, 16:9 + Text Overlay Etc
-Facebook Instant Articles and how to use them to your advantage
-Facebook Ad Manager - Breakdown, Discussion and Tour
-Creating effective, targeted ads and building business with them
-Reviews, Online Reputation Growth and Brand Ambassador Enabling
-Understanding and using the Facebook Business Manager

***Each attendee will receive a complimentary course booklet on the day of the class.***

Tickets are non refundable, but are transferable to a later date.

PLEASE do not come to this class if you are not serious about learning the secrets and features of facebook.

TAKE A MOMENT AND READ MY REVIEWS - https://www.facebook.com/JaredsMastersClass/reviews

Thank you for your consideration! Looking forward to seeing you all there! -Jared

*SPECIAL NOTE - Previous attendee in "Jared's Facebook Masters Class" required!*

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