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Jared's Facebook Masters Class - 9am 11/18/23
Single Admission

Jared's Facebook Masters Class (Q4 2023 Version)
Saturday, November 18th 2023


Class maximum - 50 Attendees

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Dallas Rockwall Hotel
2601 Lakefront Trail, Rockwall, TX 75032

Facebook Event Link - TBA

What to bring!
-Cell-Phone or Tablet
-Business Cards

Class Reviews! https://www.facebook.com/JaredsMastersClass/reviews

Class Environment

-The class will be presented lecture style via interactive presentation. Notepads, light refreshments, power and wifi are provided for attendees. This is a relaxed, fun and comedy filled approach to understanding effective marketing on social media in the modern era.


Hi everyone! My name is Jared Guynes, and I am a self employed social media expert based in Rockwall Texas. Since 2007 I have been providing marketing, design and event services to small businesses around the nation and in that time have acquired an intimate understanding of how facebook works! This understanding has allowed me to harness facebook into a business machine for myself and my clients. In this class I will show you a condensed explanation of every major feature of facebook and how it pertains to your business there. Become a facebook master!

The class will cover:

-REVISED FOR Q4 2023 New Features!
-Social Media and public purchasing decisions
-Importance and priority of all social networks side by side
-Differences between a profile and a page, and how to use both to benefit your goals
-2023 Monetization Discussion & Examples
-How to properly setup your facebook business page
-How to schedule posts automatically
-How to write posts in a way that increases reach
-How to use hash-tags for multi-network support and value
-How to generate great interactive content with your fans
-How to gain legitimate fans and why it is valuable
-How to market your facebook page at your physical location
-Using hidden features inside of facebook
-Using unauthorized facebook apps to do things facebook wont allow
-Difference between desktop and mobile facebook versions
-Facebook groups and their abilities, best practices and strategy
-Facebook events and their abilities
-What verification is for a page or a profile, and how to get it
-Brand Ambassadors and how to harness their energy
-Edge Rank Algorithm, Post Distribution, Visibility Science
-Post Reach and Why
-Facebook Ads and Reporting
-Best Practices to deal with trolls, haters and bad reviews
-How to gain positive reviews on Google/Facebook/Yelp
-Dynamic relationships with instagram, twitter, yelp, pinterest, linkedin and snapchat and how they work with your business and SEO
-How one of my clients makes more than $60,000 a month from their facebook page
-How one of my clients is using their page to generate in store traffic and incremental website sales
-How one of my clients uses facebook to sell thousands of tickets to concerts every month
-The "other" inbox
-Page Managers, Admins and Content Creators
-Page Reports and what they mean for your business
-Text/Photo/Video power comparisons
-Social Media and the future of your business
-Facebook new features for 2023 and beyond

This class will be a 6 hour breakdown of everything you ever wanted to know about the facebook platform, including time to ask your specific questions for your business!

PLEASE do not come to this class if you are not serious about learning the secrets and features of facebook.

Each attendee will also receive a printed copy of the event slides to use as a reference back in the office or at home.

TAKE A MOMENT AND READ MY REVIEWS - https://www.facebook.com/JaredsMastersClass/reviews

I do not offer class refunds, so please make sure that you can attend and understand what the class is before purchasing. However, I do also HONOR CREDIT so if for some reason you cannot come, you CAN use your credit at a future class date, assuming that there is at least 1 seat available. That never expires until you use it.

Thank you for your consideration! Looking forward to seeing you all there! -Jared

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