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Jared's Google Masters Advanced Class - 4pm 11/18/23
Single Admission

Jared's Google Masters Advanced Class
Saturday, November 18th 2023


Class maximum - 40 Attendees

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Dallas Rockwall Hotel
2601 Lakefront Trail, Rockwall, TX 75032

Facebook Event Link - TBA

What to bring!
-Cell-Phone or Tablet
-Business Cards

Class Reviews! https://www.facebook.com/JaredsMastersClass/reviews

Class Environment

-The class will be presented lecture style via interactive presentation in a state of the art college style auditorium training room, similar to as shown in the photo. Each attendee will have access to refreshments, WIFI, power and a personal leather office chair. Every vantage point inside of the theater provides a personal and up-close view while the presentation is shown on multiple screens in the room. Alcohol is allowed. Interrupting is allowed. Shooting NERF guns is allowed.


Hi everyone! My name is Jared Guynes, and I am a self employed social media expert based in Rockwall Texas. Since 2007 I have been providing marketing, design and event services to small businesses around the nation and in that time have acquired an intimate understanding of how facebook works! This understanding has allowed me to harness facebook into a business machine for myself and my clients.

This new Google Class is a direct response to feedback from previous class attendees and is intended for class veterans only. This will be a much more advanced and technical class than the Facebook Masters Class.

The class will cover:

-SEO Discussion & Overview
-Google Ads Overview
-Google Ads Buildout & Live Demonstration
-Google Maps Discussion
-Google Places Discussion
-Google Review Discussion
-Google Analytics Explanation and Discussion
-Google Tag Manager Explanation and Discussion
-Google Images Discussion
-YouTube Ads

-Facebook/Instagram Ads Overview
-Facebook/Instagram Ads Strategy Discussion
-Facebook/Instagram Ads Build Out & Live Demo Extended
-Facebook/Instagram Content Strategy Discussion

-Advanced Guerrilla Social Media Strategy
-Experimental Advertising Strategies & Results
-Influencer Marketing & Strategic Relationships


This class will be a 6 hour breakdown of everything you ever wanted to know about the google ads platform, including time to ask your specific questions for your business!

PLEASE do not come to this class if you are not serious about learning the secrets and features of google.

Each attendee will also receive a printed copy of the event slides to use as a reference back in the office or at home.

TAKE A MOMENT AND READ MY REVIEWS - https://www.facebook.com/JaredsMastersClass/reviews

I do not offer class refunds, so please make sure that you can attend and understand what the class is before purchasing. However, I do also HONOR CREDIT so if for some reason you cannot come, you CAN use your credit at a future class date, assuming that there is at least 1 seat available. That never expires until you use it.

Thank you for your consideration! Looking forward to seeing you all there! -Jared

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